Contingent To Hire

Best-Fit Engineers, Every Time

Considering the overall cost of recruiting and training a new engineer, you want to be sure you’re investing in the best person for the job, not just the best person who saw your post on a job board. D3v Source’s contingent-to-hire services enable you to quickly deploy engineers who can make an immediate contribution to your project, then easily convert them to in-house development positions when you’ve seen how they fit with your team.
At D3v Source, we don’t wait for great engineers to come to us – we use our exclusive offshore talent communities, industry events, social media engagement, and referrals of passive candidates from proven development projects to seek them out and get them to you.

Be Confident in Every Hire

D3v Source’s innovative offshore recruiting methods include our Lahore Recruitment Hub that focus’ exclusively on recruiting highly qualified software development engineers. Here we build pipelines to qualified candidates which enable fast, agile responses to high-volume requests for human capital. This enables our Seattle based US office the ability to leverage the strength of D3v Source’s specialized development recruiters in Lahore who focus exclusively on specific software development skill sets.

Here’s what this means to you: fast, easy access to qualified engineers who meet your skill and experience requirements and fit your business.
Contingent-to-hire is the preferred assignment for many job seekers because they want to get a feel for a company’s work environment and culture before joining a permanent team, and D3v Source has a history of connecting talented offshore engineers with companies where they can thrive.