TyneCastle G96/97

We are Tynecastle G96/97


We play the best soccer. We play to win!

2014 Washington Cup - Finalist
2013 Las Vegas Challenge - Champions
2013 PSPL GU16  Winter League 2nd Place

But TyneCastle is about more than wins and losses. It is about a vision for mastering the skills to play creative, attacking soccer and it is a vision for developing a strong mental attitude that embraces excellence and supports team values.

Expect to work hard - Expect to get better - Expect to love the game!

At TyneCastle, we place a big emphasis on playing beautiful, attacking soccer and holding true to those ideals. We are also big believers in creating a positive team spirit, one where girls are willing to battle for each other, one where fair play is practiced. Strong individual skills are a big emphasis and our players are urged to take risks, try new moves and push their boundaries without the fear of failing. For TyneCastle, it's always about the joy of playing. It's about ginga.

What is ginga? It is an almost indefinable, mystical quality of movement and attitude possessed by Brazilians and evident in everything they do. Ginga is what gives Brazilian soccer players their fluidity and rhythm on the pitch and enables them to 'Joga Bonito' (Play Beautiful). TyneCastle is ginga.




2/24 3:00p - 4:30 @ Twin Ponds

2/26 3:00p - 4:30 @ Twin Ponds

3/03 3:00p - 4:30 @ Twin Ponds

3/05 3:00p - 4:30 @ Twin Ponds



2/21 03:30p v. Sting @ Woodinville SF #1

2/22 05:00p v. MVP Marauders @ Shoreline B

3/01 00:00p v. Emerald City @ 

3/08 10:00a v. Slammers @ RAC #1

3/14 03:00p v. CWSA @

3/21 03:00p v. Sting @ Canfield MS #4

3/22 00:00p v. CWSA @ 

3/29 11:00a v. Marauders @ Ravensdale Park #4

4/12 03:00p v. Emerald City @ Miller #1



NW Champions League


Winter League

TyneCastle v. Slammers FC, 3-1

TyneCastle v. CWSA,

NW Champions League

TyneCastle v. Crossfire Oregon, 1-1

TyneCastle v. Portland FC, 1-0

TyneCastle v. CWSA, 0-0

Crossfire Challenge

TyneCastle v. Pac NW Blue, 4-0

TyneCastle v. Crossfire, 1-1

TyneCastle v. Freedom, 2-1

TyneCastle v. Pac NW Maroon, 0-1

US Club National Cup
TyneCastle v. Nike 96, 1-0

TyneCastle v. Spokane 96, 1-0

TyneCastle v. AZ Arsenal, 3-0

TyneCastle v. CWSA, 2-6


















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