ROPE – Recruitment Outsource Processing for Engineers

Build Your Team Your Way

Recruitment Outsource Processing for Engineers (ROPE) puts D3v Source’s talent acquisition expertise to work for you when you’re building your in-house offshore development team. Our specialists work seamlessly with your people and processes to manage your internal recruiting efforts.
ROPE enables you to hire a great offshore in-house team without having to employ in-house recruiters or to augment your existing recruiting team to manage high-volume hires. From candidate identification and screening through interviewing and onboarding, we apply your preferred hiring criteria, collaborate with you on best-practice strategies, and act as a transparent extension of your company.

“ROPE lets you focus on your business instead of your recruiting”

D3v Source’s ROPE programs are led by a dedicated, single-point-of-contact program manager supported by a scalable core group of recruiters and coordinators. The D3v Source team manages the day-to-day activity of your program, including performance metrics, process improvement, and quality assurance.
Our ROPE programs can be customized to your requirements, and every program has the full support of our Lahore Recruitment Office to ensure you can quickly hire the qualified software engineers you seek, whenever you need them.