Staffing Services

Better Process, Better Results

There are a lot of ways you can assemble a great Development team – the best way depends on your business. D3v Source offers customized staffing services that give clients needing a wide range of skill sets the ability to build and retain a flexible, effective development team.

Contingent Staffing

Contingent staffing has become an increasingly essential element of corporate workforce str ategies, and D3v Source is a US based offshore leader in identifying and recruiting best-fit contingent talent for our clients. Whether you call it talent acquisition, temporary staffing, or short-term assignments, D3v Source enables clients of any size to quickly build their team, adjust to meet deadlines, staff new locations, and improve their business.
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Make sure you’re bringing the right developers onto your team with D3v Source’s Contingent-to-Hire staffing services. We provide Engineers who have been carefully vetted for the specific development skills and experience you need. When you’re sure they’re the right match, simply convert them to your outsourced team. We are 100% committed to ensuring you make the right hire, every time.
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Direct Placement

Nothing impacts your projects success like the quality of your engineers. D3v Source’s recruiting expertise and Lahore based recruiters give you an advantage when filling your crucial internal roles by giving you access to a better selection of candidates. All our candidates have four-year software degrees, speak good English and have practical experience. When you’re seeking engineers who can excel at the job and thrive in your environment – wherever that environment is – D3v Source will deliver.
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